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Code block highlighted with Code Highlight add-on in Google Slides

Top-class features

25+ hand-picked themes

Code Highlight offers themes for everyone's style! Whether you are fond of light or dark theme, we got you covered with the best themes on the market!

 VS Code

 One Dark

 Shades of Purple

Code Highlight featuring dark, blue and purple theme

70+ programming languages

Not only does Code Highlight support a great collection of programming languages, but it also supports various other markups and syntaxes.




JavaScript programming language icon ReactJS library icon Python programming language icon
VueJS framework icon Golang programming language icon Java programming language icon
Ruby programming language icon C programming language icon TypeScript programming language icon

Fonts you know and love

To make the experience complete, Code Highlight offers the best monospaced programming fonts - chosen by developers for developers!


 Anonymous Pro

 Fira Code (with ligatures)

Code Highlight featuring Fira Code font Code Highlight featuring Inconsolata font Code Highlight featuring Ubuntu Mono font


Is add-on available in Google Docs?

It's only available in Google Slides, but you can expect it to be available in Google Docs very soon!

Is add-on available in Microsoft Office?

Currently, Code Highlight is not available in Microsoft Office, but expect it soon to be released.

How long does the license last for?

Code Highlight is a life-time deal. Buy it once and it's yours forever!

How can I get rounded corners?

To get rounded corners you need to use "Rounded Rectangle" shape. Slides presentation > Insert > Shape > Rounded Rectangle

Can I suggest a feature/contact you?

Absolutely! Feel free to shoot me a message and I will get to you within 24 hours.

Add-on shows white screen?

Code Highlight may not work if you are logged in on multiple Google accounts in the same browser. This is a bug related to internal platform workings and only Google can fix it. In the meantime, just make sure that you are logged in one Google account in the browser while using the add-on.

Loving the add-on!
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